sassyinkpen (sassyinkpen) wrote in northwoods,

Open Crafting Group

So, in researching options for those of us who are crafty, crave company, and don't have the resources of college campuses and whatnot...I find that those options are slim. What possibilities I did find no longer seem to be in action. Not being one to sit on my laurels, I shall then START such a group!

Provided there's enough interest to make it worthwhile. Here's what I'd tell me if you (and a friend or two) might attend:

An informal gathering for the purpose of working on whatever crafty (portable) projects you've got going, chatting with people, showing off your work, getting opinions and feedback, and grabbing a beer during or after.

Simple as that - once or twice a month? If enough people let me know they would come, I will organize such a thing.

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