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Water levels in the BWCA

Hello, new member here. It's not very busy, I see. That's too bad. I reluctantly live in the Twin Cities, but would much rather be up in the middle of the trees.

After being stuck in the Cities most of the summer, it looks like I'll actually get to make it up to the Boundary Waters. I am taking my step-father into the Stuart entry off the Echo Trail. So does anyone know what the water conditions are like right now? With the lack of snow last year and the drought conditions earlier I would imagine they're relatively low. It has been quite a while since I have gone into Stuart. Is anyone familiar with the river there and if we would have any problems with lower water levels?

Since our time is limited, the plan is to camp on Stuart Lake the first night, then go up to Iron and see Curtain and Rebecca Falls and either camp on western Iron or eastern Lac La Croix. The third day we will go down the Dahlgren river (which reminds me, anyone have any experience on this river? I've never been on it) to Stuart for our last night before leaving the way we came in. It is possible that we will go through Agness and Nina Moose and out the Moose river if one of us feels like hitching back to the car.

I will try to post some pictures after we get back too.

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